The USAID Indonesia Health Financing Activity (HFA) is a five-year activity running from March 26, 2019 to March 25, 2024. ThinkWell and its partners will work closely with its government counterpart, the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) Center for Health Financing and Insurance (PPJK), and secondary counterparts BPJS-K, Ministry of Finance (MoF), Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), DJSN, provincial and district authorities.

The goals of HFA are:

  1. To improve sustainability of the Government of Indonesia’s (GOI) financing for health
  2. Improve capacity for strategic health purchasing.

HFA is a technical assistance project designed to strengthen capacity in financial analyses, stakeholder engagement, learning, and decision-making. HFA will support the Ministry of Health’s leadership and vision to improve financial protection, equitable access to quality health services, and health outcomes.  According to the HFA contract, HFA will produce a variety of written products and manuscripts for publication as described below.

F.5.6.c Journal Articles

The Contractor must produce journal articles from technical studies for further publication in widely recognized peer-reviewed journals. The Contractor submit the final draft of the journal article to the COR for approval. The length and content of the journal articles will vary based on the scope and complexity of the technical study, and should be agreed upon in advance between the Contractor and COR. The Contractor must submit the journal article to widely recognized peer-reviewed journals, subject to COR approval.

DUE DATE: The Contractor must submit at least three journal articles within the first two year of implementation, and at least six journal articles before the completion of the award to widely recognized peer-reviewed journals.


In order to widely share lessons learnt and capacity building for the PPJK staff based on assessments and studies conducted to meet its objectives, HFA team is preparing:

  • Publishable manuscripts for peer review journals. Each of person in charge of at least one activity of the HFA activities will write a manuscript, as the first author. Other team members of HFA and PPJK staff will contribute as the second, third or the fourth author. To ensure publishable articles meet the English language standards for peer-reviewed international journals, the HFA author needs a mentor. This ToR is written to describe required competencies and deliverables for a mentor to assist HFA and PPJK staff to write publishable articles to disseminate all scientific works of HFA. The mentor will work closely with technical team to have weekly analysis and writing workshops until 10 manuscripts are ready to be submitted.
  • A variety of products such as policy briefs, papers, short success stories, infographic, and other written products intended to reach a wide audience. To support this process, editor’s role would be to ensure that the products are written to accurately reflect the evidence and can be well understood by relevant stakeholders or a common audience.



  1. Provide guidance to the technical team on various aspects of a scientific writing, the process for submitting to peer-reviewed journals, and guidance on which journals would be appropriate for the topic of each manuscript.
  2. Deliver periodic writing workshops for HFA and PPJK staff
  3. Proactively make a weekly check-in with lead authors who have a manuscript in process, review drafts, and give feedback.
  4. Assist individual writers in phrasing and rephrasing sentences to ensure concise and appropriate format for a designated scientific journal.
  5. Review and provide English editing on each manuscript.

Other HFA Products:

  1. Provide guidance to the technical team regarding the writing process and product development: define the audience, type of product, length, key messages, and ideas for visuals (photos, graphs, figures).
  2. Work closely with technical team to ensure consistency and accuracy of the content of each product.
  3. Review and provide edits on each draft of targeted products.


  1. 10 manuscripts mentored and edited by the consultant.
  2. Ready-to-disseminate final products (after proofreading and lay out) that are in excellent English that present a clear, concise, compelling story, information, or policy message.

Job Location: This is a part time consultant position based in ThinkWell Office, Jakarta. Level of Effort: Approximate 48 days working up to TWO days per week over nine-month period (March to December 2021) subject to an extension.

Timeline: March to December 2021

Reporting Lines and Teamwork

  • dr. Hasbullah Thabrany, MPH, Dr. PH (Chief of Party USAID HFA)


  • A minimum bachelor’s degree in communication, public health, health economics, social sciences, or any related background suitable to meet the objective of this mentorship.
  • Demonstrated at least five publications in international peered review journals
  • Strong interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity, to effectively communicate HFA and PPJK team
  • Ability to lead special writing workshops with proper health protocol to avoid covid-19.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills in English and Indonesian
  • Indonesian Nationals Only

Interested applicants may send the application to

Closing Date : 26 February 2021 – COB