Vacancy at CI Indonesia : Raja Ampat Sustainable Development Officer (RASD_O)

Working in 30+ countries globally, Conservation International (CI) Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to empowering societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for the good of humanity. We are constantly growing and expanding into areas new and old. We are currently looking to fill the following position for our office in Raja Ampat, West Papua:

Raja Ampat Sustainable Development Officer 

CI Indonesia’s marine program began working West Papua Province’s Bird’s Head Seascape (BHS) in 2004. Over the past 16 years, CI has consistently provided support for conservation programs to demonstrate how communities directly and indirectly benefit from environmental conservation. At present, nearly all conservation areas in West Papua are prime tourist destinations for diving, snorkelling and bird watching. Tourism has had a positive impact on local communities and the wider region, especially through economic benefits to local communities. CI’s role is to ensure that the tourism carried out is sustainable, prioritizes environmental conservation, economy and local culture. To ensure tourism remains sustainable, CI regularly coordinates with community, stakeholders, public and private, and government.


  1. Liaison with stakeholders in Raja Ampat
  • Assist Sustainable Tourism and Capacity Building Manager by attending stakeholder meetings
  • Support coordination with local government and other stakeholders in the Raja Ampat Mooring System (RAMS)
  • Support coordination with local government and other stakeholders regarding sustainable tourism regulations in Raja Ampat
  • Support communication between stakeholders in the MPA to ensure their support for adhering to sustainable tourism principles in the Raja Ampat MPAs.
  1. Support community empowerment development programs in the Fam Islands
  • Assist the preparation of tourism development plans in the Fam Islands
  • Support the coconut crab program
  • Assist with trainings for the community
  1. Support the Raja Ampat team to ensure that tourism in the regency is sustainable:
  • Together with indigenous communities, governments, local tourism association and tour operators, develop and strengthen annual tourism events or attractions that raise local pride for tourism areas.
  • Assist the CI Raja Ampat and CI West Papua teams in organizing, implementation and evaluation of tour package trips that claim they adhere to the principles of sustainable tourism.
  • Help ensure the implementation of Codes of Conduct in tourist spots
  1. Help to observe and understand issues related to MPA utilization and bring to the CI Raja Ampat team for discussion as needed (e.g. illegal fishing, tourism, etc.)


  • At least 2 years of work experience in tourism activities.
  • Fluent in spoken and written Bahasa Indonesian.
  • Experience working in West Papua, especially working with remote coastal communities.
  • Demonstrative ability to work with a team.
  • Experience working with a wide variety of partners from private sector, NGO, government, etc
  • Passionate about marine conservation with the goal to support local communities.
  • Previous experience in MPA.
  • Proven track record in maintaining a good and effective professional engagement with communities.
  • Have an understanding of the Raja Ampat MPA network.

Conservation International Values, we expect that all employees will embrace the values of our organization.

  • Passion: Inspired by people and by nature, we are urgently compelled to drive change for a sustainable future.
  • Integrity: We are honest, transparent and accountable for our actions.
  • Teamwork: We work together as one CI, recognizing that inclusion, collaboration and cooperation are fundamental to achieving a healthy and prosperous world for all.
  • Respect: We respect each other and work to earn trust, valuing our diversity of cultures, talents, and experiences.
  • Courage: We pursue our vision, taking bold action, persevering and overcoming challenges.
  • Optimism: We are optimistic about the capacity of people to be caring, generous and brilliant, and believe that with partners, we can inspire humanity to create a better future.

Please send your current resume and cover letter (no more than 4 pages) to:

Please fill the “subject” column of the e-mails in this format: <RASD_O> – <your name>

Closing date for the application is March 2, 2021

(Only short-listed candidates will be notified).

For more information about CI, please visit our web: //

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