Master Trainer Better Management Practices and Replanting

Terms of Reference Master Trainer Better Management Practices and Replanting

Background Nordic Microfinance Initiative

Nordic Microfinance Initiative (NMI) was established in 2008 in Oslo, Norway as a partnership between the public sector and private investors. Norfund and IFU, the Norwegian and Danish governmental investment funds for developing countries, represent the Norwegian and Danish States. The private investors are DNB Livsforsikring, Ferd, KLP, Storebrand and TD Veen. NMI is registered with The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM). The NMI Funds are not subject to supervision from The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. NMI currently has 14 employees in Oslo (HQ), Copenhagen, Delhi, Jakarta and Nairobi. NMI’s overall goal is to strengthen the position of the poor in developing countries by helping to create jobs and prosperity on a sustainable basis. This is done by investing in and supporting microfinance institutions (MFI).

The Climate Smart Fund

NMI is setting up a new Climate Smart Fund (CSF) with support from The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment. Through loans and agricultural assistance, the climate fund is to make Indonesian smallholders intensify work on their existing farmland, instead of clearing rainforests. NMI will establish a local presence in Indonesia, and the loans to the farmers will be administered by 3-6 local and well-established microfinance institutions (MFIs) in West-Kalimantan. Satellite monitoring in combination with close local follow-up shall ensure that climate goals are achieved.

In the first phase of the project, we have USD 10 million of which 6 million will be on lent and we expect to lend working capital to 3,000 farmers. In the next phase, when the fund is fully capitalized to USD 100 million, the plan it is to reach 25,000 smallholders.

Scope of work

In order to improve the productivity and quality of material from palm oil smallholder plantations, NMI-CSF will support farmers in the implementation of Better Management Practices of existing plantations as well as gaining understanding and capability for replanting low yielding existing plantation. The materials used will be based on SNV’s Better Management Practices trainings. For the trainings on replanting NMI-CSF has developed a new set of material, that will be completed and implemented together with the master trainer. The master trainer will be responsible for the implementation of the trainings to 1000 farmers in selected area’s through a training of trainer approach. The efficiency of implementation and uptake will be monitored together with the data managers.


The Master Trainer will be responsible for:

  • Developing a work plan for selected farmer groups in coordination with local partners and the NMI-CSF team
  • In charge of the preparation of tools and materials for oil palm BMP training for the target group
  • Select and train the local trainers in implementing the training for targeted oil palm smallholder groups
  • Implement the training in the selected areas and 1,000 farmers according to the work plan in 2021 following COVID protocols
  • Support to collect data from the farmers using the evaluation forms provided by NMI CSF
  • Document the lessons learned from training with the evaluation forms provided by NMI CSF
  • Participate in engagement processes with government, companies, smallholders and other stakeholders for programme implementation;
  • Perform any additional tasks when identified and within the scope of oil palm team activities (in consultation with line manager and donors).


The master trainer will conduct training and data collection for 1,000 farmers. The outcomes will be verified via training reports, pictures taken of the training, attendance lists, and on-site reviews by NMI-CSF. The master trainer performance will be reviewed quarterly to determine contract extension.

Contract Duration

1 year with possibility of extension

Desired Start Date

1 March 2021


The Master Trainer will directly report to the Program Manager for NMI – CSF

How to apply

email to:

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