Auditor for Yayasan Pendidikan Nusa Cendana

Job Description

Auditor should submit the following documents in English and Bahasa:

Audit Report

  1. Draft audit report that includes the auditors’ opinion on financial reports of YAPNUSDA for the year ended of December 31, 2019, should be reported 7 (seven) days after the audit work completion.
  2. The final audit report, should be completed 2 (two) days after receiving YAPNUSDA’s comments to the Draft Audit Report.
  3. Auditor should provide softcopy (pdf) and 3 (three) hardcopy (sealed) final audit report.
  4. All ineligible expenditures will be disclosed in an annex to the audit report

Management Letter

In addition to the audit report, the auditors will prepare a “management letter” in which they will:

  1. Give comments and observations on the accounting records, procedures, systems and controls that were examined during the course of the audit;
  2. Identify specific deficiencies and areas of weakness in systems and controls and make recommendations for improvement;
  3. Report on the degree of compliance with each of the financial covenants on YAPNUSDA SOP and the Sub Contract agreement; and give comments, if any, on internal and external matters affecting such compliance;
  4. Communicate matters that have come to their attention during the audit which might have a significant impact on the implementation and sustainability of the project; and
  5. Bring to YAPNUSDA attention to any other matters that the auditors consider pertinent.



  • Audit fee
  • Return flight ticket
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Local Transportation

Job Requirements

The prospective auditor is required to submit a Proposal to shows its interest for its services which provided the following information in the proposal:

    1. Details of your firm/Profile: This should include an outline of the organization, size and capacity.
    2. Identify experience with non-profit clients (Education Foundation preferred) and if possible provide references of non-profit clients.
    3. Staffing: The partner and manager who will be assigned to the audit, including details of their relevant experience and qualifications. Provide an overview of staff that will be involved and the time which will be allocated to the audit.
    4. Audit approach: Determine audit strategy and undertake audit planning.
    5. Fees: Include separate estimates of your total audit fees for reporting. Please include travel costs separately.

How to Apply

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