Finance Officer

MICRA Indonesia is a local foundation founded in 2006 and expand its work over the past fifteen years in microfinance throughout Indonesia. MICRA’s mission is to build the institutional strength and outreach of the Indonesian microfinance sector and poverty alleviation, by providing a full range of high-quality, best-practice technical inputs and support to all industry stakeholders, in a sustainable and demand-driven manner.

Finance Officer

This job profile sets out the tasks and duties of the MICRA Finance and Operation Officer. The Finance and Operation Officer is responsible for the maintenance and day to day implementation and management of the MICRA financial, administrative and operational systems. The finance officer reports to Finance and Operational Manager, and Executive Director.

Educational Background

Minimum Bachelor’s Degree (S1) in Accounting or Finance.

Working Experience

Key professional requirements include:

  • At least 2 (two) years’ experience in finance for non-government organizations (NGO);
  • Demonstrated ability on financial management and accounting framework for NGO;
  • Understanding of the principal knowledge of Indonesian Accounting Standard
  • Good Knowledge of Financial & Accounting system (computer program)
  • Good Knowledge of Indonesian Corporate Tax Regulation.
  • Good Knowledge of treasury, cash management, and Invoicing.
  • Ability to prepare and maintain a budget, forecasts, and financial projects.
  • Demonstrated ability to hire, supervise, build skills, evaluate, and generally support staff.
  • Demonstrated capability in Resource Management includes understanding and managing financial, budgeting, and financial oversight, information, technology, and space resources.

Personal and Professional Qualifications

  • Demonstrates an understanding of a dynamic organization and the process of change by continually learning and adapting; makes thoughtful changes and seeks opportunities in new situations;
  • Goal-driven and results-oriented, with initiative;
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal presentation, and organizational skills;
  • Ability to successfully form and work within a team or independently;
  • Ability and willingness to learn and participate in capacity building activities;
  • Ability to travel;
  • Fluent spoken and written English;
  • Commitment to quality, confidentiality, and integrity of MICRA and its services, as well as information provided by partners.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Under the direct supervision of the Finance and Operational Manager and Executive Director.

  1. Responsible for maintaining a financial framework for non-government organizations or institutions, including a chart of accounts, financial reporting formats, and systems, financial policies and procedures, tax status, and ensure full staff compliance;
  2. Responsible for the performance of the unit, allocating and using of resources effectively, including staffs, technology, equipment, and facilities, and support develops ways of measuring effective and efficient uses of resources;
  3. Preparing relevant financial reports for the Board of Directors, donors, and other stakeholders, as directed by the Executive Director;
  4. Oversight of financial and accounting functions including completing the consolidated budget, financial variance analysis of budget performance, managing MICRA treasury function and bank accounts, and all aspect of MICRA tax compliance and reporting;
  5. Perform legal compliance to all contracts and agreement on behalf of MICRA;
  6. Maintain and updates institutional billing rate under the approval of the Executive Director and disseminate to the business unit as their guidelines for business decision making;
  7. Ensuring that all staff are fully trained in their positions, policies, processes, and tasks;
  8. Coordination with other units to synergize MFI inputs;
  9. Accounting and tax reporting;
  10. Staff training regarding financial and administrative policies and procedures;
  11. Regular reporting to Executive Director and Board on financial status and target fulfillment;
  12. Conduct an annual financial audit using a third-party independent auditor for the current fiscal year;
  13. Responsible for the management of a successfully shared service center that provides financial, HR, IT, administration, and procurement services throughout the business;
  14. Develop, gain approval, implement operational policies and procedures and ensure full staff compliance;
  15. Human resource management function, including overseeing quarter staff review process, contracting, benefits, hiring, salary, and government compliance, etc.;
  16. Coordination with unit managers to ensure budget allocations, timely reporting, and adherence to policies and procedures;
  17. Maintain strict confidentiality of all materials developed by MICRA and MFIs appraised;
  18. Participate in other unit activities, as agreed with senior management;
  19. Other tasks, as agreed with senior management.

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