Projects Development Facilitator

Job Description

  1. To monitor and review all active projects, ensuring they are progressing effectively, in line with original proposal requirements and timescales and through to a satisfactory conclusion.
  2. To work with Project Director in all aspects of development including identifying needs in liaison with HO departments, SA Offices and communities.
  3. Drafting concepts proposals for new projects and to populate HIVE (The Salvation Army International Projects database).
  4. To utilise Faith Based Facilitation/Integrated Mission tools to achieve 3) and 4).
  5. A specific need to focus on Community Outreach, Livelihood and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) activity (in liaison with Territorial Emergency Officer).
  6. Preparation of interim and final reports narratives for submission to Territorial Finance Board and Donor for approval.
  7. Liaison with Projects Office Bookkeeper for financial overview/receipt validation and supporting to achieve 6).
  8. Work with project implementers/stakeholders to understand processes better and provide relevant ongoing support.
  9. Coaching and information cascade as required to Officers/employees/ communities.
  10. Carry out planned visits in liaison with Projects Director to projects for validation/ monitoring purposes.
  11. Develop relationships/look at possibilities of collaboration with other NGO’s and other organisations, and to look at partnering options.
  12. To be available as a resource in the event of disaster and to support Emergency Response Officer in whatever activity is required (liaison with Projects Director).
  13. Responsible for electronic and paper-based filing relative to connected project activity. (Working with Projects Administration Assistant).


  • Good Salary

Job Requirements

  1. Experienced and a heart for working with vulnerable people and communities
  2. A strong Team Player and flexible in approach
  3. Good communication skills – strong written and spoken English
  4. A “self-starter”
  5. Some Project Management ability
  6. Organised with administration and some bookkeeping ability (budget creation)
  7. Proficient in the use of Microsoft packages
  8. A degree or 2/3 years or working knowledge in development methodology and project implementation.

How to Apply

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