Behaviour Change Officer – 12 Months (Pasuruan)

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SYSTEMIQ, along with our partners, has built a bold, outcomes-driven program that measurably reduces ocean plastic pollution where it matters most. However, we know that we are still not doing enough, or moving quickly enough, to tackle this emergency – plastic pollution continues to far outpacing current solutions to stop it.

This year, we will take bold, thoughtful action to address the system constraints that make setting up and operating waste systems so challenging in medium, small and remote Indonesian cities with the goal of reforming waste collection and putting Indonesia on an achievable path to zero plastic leakage. We are looking for smart, ambitious, innovative leaders to join us in this ambitious work.

  • If you have a passion for the ocean and putting your time and skill set to the highest good…
  • If you see the destruction of precious ecosystems and no longer want to sit on the side-lines…
  • If you have an analytical background and are motivated by solving complex problems and systems work…
  • If you yearn to work with fellow passionate, smart leaders committed to building a better future in Indonesia and South East Asia…
  • If you’ve been yearning to do something with real impact, where your actions produce direct, measurable results in people’s lives and for nature…


… then this job may be for you.



With offices in London, Munich, Jakarta and Bali, SYSTEMIQ is an organisation driving system change in clean energy, circular material solutions and sustainable land use. By addressing failures in these areas, SYSTEMIQ aims to unlock economic opportunities that benefit business, society and the environment.


We connect the right people, ideas, technologies, and capital to transform economic systems. We do this through five activities:

  1. Convene and support coalitions of leaders to shape policies and business strategies that will rapidly transform economic activity.
  2. Work with companies that want to be pioneers in and drivers of change towards more sustainable systems.
  3. Co-create and incubate the market solutions most likely to build regenerative economic systems.
  4. Invest our own venture capital and expertise in opportunities with the biggest potential to drive rapid system change.
  5. Direct larger pools of capital into regenerative economic systems, so that this scale and multiply.


In order to deliver in these areas, we recruit and develop distinctive and varied individuals who strive to achieve our mission, challenge the status quo and act as change leaders.

Project STOP

Project STOP works with cities to create effective waste management systems that eliminate leakage of plastics into the ocean. Rather than building traditional linear systems where waste is collected and simply disposed at landfill, STOP also aims to create circular systems where the majority of hard-to-recycle waste is recycled into

new products and the resulting economic value lowers the financial burden of the waste system on the city.


We are seeking a Behaviour Change expert who is experienced in inspiring whole communities to form new, healthier habits. In Project STOP we are introducing waste management systems to communities who have never experienced a waste system before. This involves changing four significant behaviours within communities – (1) to stop burning or dumping their waste, (2) to use the new waste system, (3) to pay a nominal fee which covers waste collection costs and (4) to separate their waste into organic and non-organic fractions. Our program is strong in 1-3, but we are struggling with (4), and are seeking an experienced behaviour change expert to get us to the next milestone.

Responsibilities generally include:

  1. Work closely with Program Manager and Community Project Officer to ensure successful execution of the STOP project in the city partner location (Muncar / Banyuwangi) .
  2. Supporting Community Project Officer to:
    • Translate STOP Project goals into more detailed behavior change goals
    • Identify potential community partners and build lasting relationships
    • Develop and implement a community engagement strategy that motivates thousands of households to both separate their waste and use and pay for new waste services
    • Lead and coordinate a group of community facilitators to delivery community engagement strategy
    • Build positive consensus with city and community leaders to support the STOP program and work together towards common goals that affect the future sustainability of the community
    • Plan, execute, and monitor behavior change roll out activities in 10 villages
  3. Represent the STOP project to key stakeholders when the Program Manager is not available
  4. [In time] Contribute to replication and scaling of STOP Project in other city locations in Indonesia.

“The secret to change is to focus all of our energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates


SYSTEMIQ is looking for individuals with a strong record of excellence and achievement. You have proven that in different contexts and are keen to work in a young, entrepreneurial company where you can get involved in a variety of work, shape the business and make maximum impact. You are passionate about SYSTEMIQ’s mission and approach to system change. Your background includes working within teams to inspire hard-to-change behaviours and new habit setting. Specifically, you have:

  • At least 5 years’ experience, preferably in behaviour change approaches and/or community development/organizing.
  • Holds at least a Bachelor’s degree, preferably a Master’s degree, in social science, communication, public health or related subject
  • Experience in designing multiple behaviour change programs and activities
  • Successful field experience running a behaviour change program
  • Able to build trust with leaders in the community and assist residents in managing change
  • Able to influence/motivate new household behaviour without use of formal authority
  • Ideally have an established network with other behaviour change professionals, especially in the ocean plastic or waste space (although not required)
  • Able to work collaboratively in a team environment and work well with a diverse group of waste stakeholders
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English and Bahasa Indonesian
  • Willingness to be full time stationed in Muncar / Banyuwangi, and have some travel to Bali, Jakarta, and Pasuruan/Surabaya
  • Evidenced passion for the sustainability / environment / social enterprise space.
  • Must align with SYSTEMIQ values (creativity, challenge, collaborate, change and care) and be able to demonstrate how they have lived these values in a professional setting.

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