Call for Proposal – Transform Health National Partner Selection (Indonesia)

Globally and for many countries, the pace of progress towards universal health coverage
(UHC) has slowed over the past decade. It is projected that by 2030, only half of the world’s
population will have access to primary health care (PHC) services, a foundation for
achieving UHC. 1 This will subject billions of people to poor, unreliable and relatively
expensive health services, limiting their access to quality healthcare and increasing their
vulnerability to communicable and non-communicable diseases.
Transform Health was set up to respond to these challenges by bringing together local,
regional, and global stakeholders from multiple sectors dedicated to achieving UHC in the
digital age. Transform Health campaigns for and collaborates with individuals – particularly
women and young people – and communities who would benefit most from the digital
transformation of health systems, as well as the governments, organisations and institutions
who recognize and support the fundamental role of digital technologies and data for
improved health.

Our vision
Universal Health Coverage will be achieved by 2030 by harnessing digital technology and
the use of data.
Our Mission
Transform Health is building a global movement that brings together organisations and
institutions across different sectors 2 who are committed to achieving Universal Health
Coverage within the next ten years by expanding the use of digital technology and
increasing access to data. Transform Health campaigns for and collaborates with the individuals, communities,governments, organisations and institutions that are most affected by the lack of access to
health. The Coalition is committed to promoting youth and women’s participation and
leadership and to ensuring the perspectives, concerns and needs of marginalised groups are
adequately addressed so they are able to both benefit from the digital transformation, and access and control their own data to improve their health outcomes.


Transform Health is seeking a national partner to set up the coalition platform, and to
coordinate activities across sectors and with the government so as to advance the coalition’s
campaign objectives.

National campaign platforms are coalition structures in priority countries 6 whose purpose is
to work together to localise Transform Health’s strategy, based on a landscape analysis that
will be carried out in that country. National coalition partners will work together to influence
their governments and others to bring about the changes identified in the national strategy
that will contribute to the coalition’s overall goals. The national platforms will receive grants
through a national coordinating partner to support certain activities, particularly the
engagement of youth, women and marginalised communities in the campaign. The national
coordinating partner will also work with other partners to coordinate and leverage the
technical expertise, information, and networks they have developed through their
programming work to advance the objectives of the coalition.


Step 1. Establishing the national coalition platform:
● Identify and onboard national coordinating partner;
● Conduct initial landscape analysis and stakeholder mapping
● Conduct a national consultation with youth, women and marginalised communities to
identify barriers to equitable access to quality digital health services and data.
● The national coordinating partner hosts a workshop/consultation to introduce national
stakeholders to Transform Health and initiate the process of forming a national
campaign consortium (Feb or March)
● Produce a landscape analysis and stakeholder mapping based on the national
consultation and additional research;

Step 2. The planning process:
● Identify and onboard founding members;
● Establish various national coalition circles including a governance and strategy circle,
campaign circle, a data policy circle, and partnerships and engagement circle. A
representative from each circle will be invited to sit on the respective global circles.
● Develop a national campaign and influencing strategy, work plan and results
framework. This process will need to include the active engagement of partners,
particularly representatives from youth, women and marginalised communities.

Step 3. Outreach and engagement:
● Produce a national campaign briefing based on the results of the national landscape
● Develop content for a country page to be developed on the Transform Health
website, including in local languages;
● Organise a regular meeting schedule with government officials and partners to
discuss how implement recommendations from the landscape analysis;
● Recruit new members to the coalition, particularly youth, women and marginalised
community groups;
● Provide training and support to youth, women and marginalised representatives, as
requested, to ensure they are able to play a full role in the meetings with
governments and others;
● Engage in media and communications work to sensitise key audiences about the
importance of addressing this agenda;
● Engage in national, regional and global events in order to inform and sensitise
different audiences of the country’s situation and so as to increase levels of
awareness and understanding among donors and others, thereby ensure more
effective support for national authorities and partners;
● Work with the global enabling function on a set of activities to support the global
launch of the campaign at the UNGA in a manner that ensures national relevance.



Selection of national coordinating partners will be based on the following criteria:
– National organisation or network headquartered at the national or regional level;
– Advocacy and campaigning experience on the issues of relevance to the coalition;
– Experience working in an inclusive and consultative manner and to promote the
leadership of communities traditionally excluded from decision-making processes;
– Credibility among stakeholders and good working relationships with government;
– Track record and ability to engage and mobilise youth, women and marginalised
communities; and
– Commitment to Transform Health’s principles.

This assignment is for a period of three years starting in January 2021. The budget will be
split between;
● Start up seed funding: $US 20,000 to cover an initial period of analysis, consultation
and planning (step 1)
● Operational budget $250,000 per year in form of a grant, to be used to set up and
manage the coalition and to implement the strategy and the workplan, with the first
year disbursement of $125,000 to cover the six months from June to December (step
2 & 3, which includes implementation of national campaign and influencing strategy).

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