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Covid-19 has continuously affected every aspect of the lives of the many, especially vulnerable groups such as women, youth, the elderly group, gender minority groups and people with disability to access health services and gain a stable income.

Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI) is a part of a consortium led by Hivos which runs Project ACTION (Active Citizens Building Solidarity and Resilience in Response to Covid-19), fully funded by the European Union. This project is implemented in 30 villages, 15 sub-districts in five provinces (DKI Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta, South Sulawesi and West Nusa Tenggara) for 24 months. The specific objective of the action is: to enhance poor and marginalised community resilience and solidarity in responding to the impacts of pandemics. The scope of the action covers both sections of the call and includes activities to 1) support the government at all levels and communities to tackle the public health emergency caused by Covid-19 and 2) support social and economic recovery.


CISDI will only focus on the project’s first nine months to strengthen primary care in ensuring the delivery of essential health services, enabling local sources to support health services. The appointed Video Producer Consultant will work closely with CISDI and its consortium to develop campaign materials related to social distancing and hygiene in poor urban and rural communities residing in the areas of project intervention: DKI Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta, South Sulawesi and West Nusa Tenggara.


Video Producer Consultant to produce 10 3-minutes videos containing information on the prevention action to battle the spread of Covid-19. The video must meet the needs of local communities in five intervention areas.

Core Responsibilities
The Video Producer Consultant will work closely with CISDI’s communication team to:
1. Determining the needs of target audience together with BCC Consultant; attend the FGD series involving local actors to explore the problems occured in the communities of intervention areas to learn about their customs, ways of communications, preferred communication methods, as well as to determine the effective approach or messages to drive behavior change in the communities;
2. Concept development; develop the initial concept of video as part of the campaign material in prevention action to Covid-19 according to CISDI’s standards and adjusted to the local wisdoms;
3. Produce video; produce 10 3-minutes videos of Covid-19 prevention action relevant to the local customs in the areas of intervention, according to CISDI Standards, easy to understand and attractive.

Production requirements:
● Two videos must be published every month starting from March to July2021
● All videos must have Bahasa Indonesia text and English subtitles.

● Possess 2-3 years professional experience as video producer.
● Portfolios related to the development sector or health issues will be an added value.
● Self-starter with the ability to work autonomously as well as in a team.
● Demonstrates strong knowledge and portfolio in developing video to support social cause, in particular related to Covid-19 prevention.
● Strong interpersonal skills, including building effective relationships, positive interaction and effective problem solving.
● Willing to listen and to adapt to CISID’s feedback and input.

Video Producer Consultant will act as the main person in charge of video production to support the behavior change communication campaign managed by CISDI for the ACTION Project.

Submission of proposal

Interested applicants are requested to submit a proposal which includes the following
1. Statement of interest
2. Examples of previous work undertaken
3. Profiles of individuals/team members who would work on the project
4. Estimated budget

The proposal should be submitted in English.

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