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Mercy Corps Indonesia is running the Project for Managing Risk through Economic Development in Indonesia (Indonesian MRED Project) in Dolo Selatan and Kulawi Sub-districts, Sigi District, Central Sulawesi, which seeks to increase the knowledge and capacity of the community in responding to identified disaster risks through a series of community based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR) activities and sustainable economic development.


In improving community disaster preparedness and increasing resilience of community livelihoods from the threat of disasters and climate change, the Indonesian MRED Project plans to develop a community-based early warning system for floods as well as utilize these sensors for early warning in agriculture.


Purpose/Project Description:

The purpose of installing this early warning system is to enable vulnerable communities to have sufficient time to act and in an appropriate manner to reduce the likelihood of injury, loss of life and property damage. Apart from being a disaster early warning system, the automatic rain gauge unit will also be used by the surrounding community as a guide in agriculture, so that this early warning system not only supports human resilience from hazards but also improves livelihood resilience, especially in the agricultural sector.



  1. Installed Flood early warning system consisting of:
  2. 3 units of Automatic Rain Gauge (ARG) with spesification:
  • Rain Gauge Sensor;
  • Solar panel;
  • Pole (1.5m long or adapt to field condition);
  • Control box with Electrical Enlcosure IP 65 (including Microcontroller, Battery, Converter, etc.);
  • Having a primary function can read instantaneous rainfall information that can be informed directly or within a certain period of time;
  • Minimum accuracy +/- 3%;
  • Unit in mm of rain;
  • 10-bit data is backed up to external storage media;
  • Tipping bucket sensitivity/resolution on ARG can be input value from 0.00-1.00mm.
  1. 7 units of manual water level measurement (pail scale) with spesification:
  • Material aluminium with embos scale;
  • Scale in water proof paint;
  • 200 cm long/high;
  • 1 cm of scale.
  1. 1 unit of web hosting with 3 years lease;
  2. 10 units of early warning sirens with spesification:
  • Warning speaker;
  • Warning lamp/blinker;
  • Pole adapt to field condition;
  • Solar panel/other power resources.
  1. 11 units of TV Dashboard/Display with spesification:
  • Android TV 42 inch equivalent to SHARP
  • Bracket
  • Internet Modem
  • Internet data package for 1 year
  1. The sensors (ARG) are connected to the receiving server (MQTT Broker Server)
  2. The Village FPRB, BUMDES in 10 villages, and BPBD Sigi District representatives are trained to early warning system maintenance.
  3. Information from the sensors to the vulnerable communities in the 10 assisted villages are disseminated.
  4. The early warning system are collaborated with the BMKG radar and the BMKG Impact Base Forecasting



The selected consultants will:

  1. Provide components and assemble 3 units of ARG, 7 units of manual water level measurement, 10 units of alarm sirens, 11 units of dashboard display and 1 unit of cloud server (MQTT) / web hosting according to the specifications below (Deliverables).
  2. Perform devise calibration with BMKG
  3. Presenting the device to the MRED. Then MRED will provide a feasibility assessment if the sensors are declared ready to be installed on site.
  4. Delivering the equipment to the Mercy Corps Indonesia office, Central Sulawesi.
  5. Installing these tools with assistance from BMKG and coordination with BPBD Sigi Regency.
  6. Provide training to the Community for operation, maintenance and installation of tools, equipped with simple modules.



The selected Consultant is an Institution or Individual who works as a working team with Mercy Corps Indonesia Staff. The Consultant is responsible for compiling a strategic plan for the implementation of activities, implementing and managing activities, documenting activities, monitoring activities, completing activities, and making reports on study activities. The expected qualifications of the Consultant Team are:

  1. Graduates from related science colleges;
  2. Have a legal business entity;
  3. Experience in consulting services at least 3 times;
  4. Have experience in installing a flood early warning system with a success history of 95%;
  5. Have knowledge and experience about community based early warning systems;
  6. Have knowledge in facilitating and good communication skills;
  7. Have knowledge and experience of working on disaster risk reduction and resilience programs;
  8. Have experience working in an NGO at least 5 years or more;
  9. Have the ability to write reports in English and Indonesian;
  10. Have experience working in Central Sulawesi Province is preferable.



Consultants are expected to work between 1 February to 30 March 2021

Activity Feb-21 Mar-21 Apr-21
Maintenance Training


For Scope of Work and further information please click this link below:




Send your proposal and CV to: procurementpalu@id.mercycorps.org.

Vacancies will be closed on 31 January 2021 and only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview. We look forward to hearing from all of you who are interested in using this opportunity to grow and develop with us.


Thank you


Mercy Corps Indonesia


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