Partnership Support Coordinator

Planet Indonesia is award-winning grassroots oriented not-for-profit dedicated to the conservation of our earth’s ecosystems. We conserve at-risk ecosystems through village-led partnerships. Our model focuses on creating the enabling conditions that allow for Indigenous and rural communities to sustainably manage their landscapes while simultaneously building pathways to improve local well-being.


We embrace a bottom-up approach, helping communities own every step of the planning, implementation, and management of initiatives, as we understand this to be essential for long-lasting, sustainable change. Our needs-based approach catalyzes outcomes by ensuring rights and services, creating financial and non-financial incentives that catalyze ecosystem stewardship, and supporting democratic village-led governance towards natural resource management. We believe conservation is the most effective when local resource-users are defining stewardship and the processes for engagement. We simply facilitate the process and support the right conditions for communities to flourish in their landscapes.


Our organization believes in the power of collaboration and trust. We believe these values must underpin internal organizational processes and external partnerships with communities, governments, and civil society partners. We strive to lead with evidence and evaluate our interventions – focusing on improving what needs to be improved, and scaling what is driving positive change. We believe in transparency between programs, among stakeholders, and with our community partners creates healthy relationships that allow us to deliver community-led solutions through high-quality program performance. As an organization, we are not bound to a particular issue, ecosystem, or community, but rather believe in addressing needs and focusing on cross-sectoral solutions that unlock the potential for local communities to drive systems change.



We expect this position to perform the following duties:

This position will lead Yayasan Planet Indonesia’s scaling efforts in Indonesia. We believe conservation is most effective when it is locally-led, designed, implemented, and evaluated. This position will identify high-performing local partners and their needs in order to support local Civil Society Organizations in their community-led conservation endeavors.


The partnership support coordinator will be expected to develop learning modules, conduct site scoping, and provide technical support to partner organizations. The position will also be tasked with developing peer-to-peer learning opportunities, community exchanges, and facilitate on-going support to improve organization effectiveness.


The position will be expected to:

(1) provide technical support and oversight to Planet Indonesia’s teams and partners in implementing community-led strategies

(2) develop learning modules, training materials, and toolkits

(3) he/she/they will provide technical support to resource development and communications, contribute ideas to the drafting of quality project proposals and donor reports, enhancing the overall use of clear program logic,

(4) he/she/they will aid in peer-to-peer learning networks

(5) he/she/they will provide on-going mentoring to partner organizations

(6) he/she/they will assist and drive the development Planet Indonesia’s scaling efforts

(7) he/she/they will develop training materials and be willing to lead workshops to support partner organizations


Day-to-day tasks may include but are not limited to:


  1. Work with Planet Indonesia’s teams and partners to support high quality community-led programs;
  2. Develop materials to use in supporting partners through mentoring, training, workshops, and other opportunities
  3. Work with implementation programs to identify best practices that can be used to support scaling through partners
  4. Work closely with senior management in scaling processes
  5. Compile field data and information from managers and partners for grant reports when needed;
  6. Engage in leadership development opportunities that can be used to support partner organizational effectiveness
  7. Present program results and findings at international and national conferences;
  8. Participate in internal and external groups/networks to keep abreast with the

developments in conservation;

  1. Travel to partner field sites to provide on-the-job support and training
  2. Work with Planet Indonesia – USA’s international staff in developing and integrating scaling opportunities



  1. Preferred a Master’s degree in a relevant field of experience plus 2 years relevant

experience in conservation work in a developing country


  1. Preferred more than 5 years of relevant work experience


Job Requirements:

  1. Willing to spend periods of time in rural areas while conducting field work
  2. Adaptable and flexible to changing conditions
  3. Team player
  4. Culturally sensitive
  5. Good communication skills both written and oral
  6. Data analysis skills
  7. Data management interest
  8. Fluent in English
  9. Fluent Bahasa Indonesia (or willing to participate in courses to learn)


To Apply:

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