Programme Manager


Programme Manager is a key senior position within PT Gagas Inspirasi Nusantara (Gagasin) and its initiatives (e.g: Tanah Air Foundation). The manager will closely work with the Chief Executive-Managing Director to lead the programme team to develop and deliver high quality programmes. A key role of this position is to provide technical assistance and support to develop Gagasin’s programming, including identification of program development / proposal with impact center focus. The manager also holds a key role in securing resources, design-developing-and delivering programmes to expected partners and clients, and to build the professional capacity of staff. 

Duties and Essential Job Function: 

  • With the support of the Chief Executive-Managing Director and in close collaboration with other departments develop, design and deliver key Gagasin programmes in a participatory manner. 
    1. To manage Gagasin’s knowledge management as the input for innovative decision making for Gagasin development. This includes undertaking research-related activities, organizing-learning-distributing the collected knowledge from previous programmes in order to support data for future organisational development and innovation. 
    2. To mentor key staff (eg: Project Manager) in programme development, management, and the programme management cycle, monitoring, evaluation and learning management. 
  • To supervise project managers in developing Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting tools in line with client’s expectation and programme’s outcome. 
  • Oversee the development and implementation of a project/ programme MEAL framework
  • In collaboration with the Chief Executive-Managing Director ensure that Gagasin maintains positive networks and effective relation with partners and clients. 
  • Develop the programming portfolio of Gagasin and transfer professional knowledge to develop the programme and other department’s professional capacities. In close collaboration with Gagasin Finance and Chief Executive-Managing Director to ensure that financial reporting in line with Gagasin operation procedure, conducts monthly program budget review. 
  • Support the Talent and Value Management department (TVM) to recruit and monitor office and field staff to ensure high quality programme development and delivery.

Key Outputs: 

  1. A developed Gagasin’s and its initiatives projects, programme, and partnership portfolio
  2. Relevant and workable MEAL system for Gagasin’s operation and partnerships
  3. Gagasin and its initiatives updates strategy, including updates knowledge management system 
  4. Profound project concept notes and proposal
  5. High quality and professional reports to clients and partners  
  6. Workable and relevant knowledge management including knowledge products and sharing

Qualification/ Requirements: 

  1. Minimum 5 years of relevant experience with demonstrable track record of success
  2. Has a customer / beneficiaries focus as her/his principal
  3. Advance qualification in program management, community development, or related field
  4. Proven people management skills, with experience managing multidisciplinary teams of diverse cultural backgrounds
  5. Demonstrated experience in programme development, proposal writing and securing funding
  6. Proven experience in managing partnerships and strengthening organisational capacities
  7. Experience in monitoring, evaluation and learning and/or facilitating learning processes and training/capacity development
  8. Experience in development and analysis of client/ donor budgets and financial control and reports
  9. High-level report writing skills
  10. Good communicator
  11. Fluent written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia is required, English is beneficial. 
  12. Has a strong intrinsic motivation at-work and have passion to create positive impact for the society
  13. A creative, critical, enquiring, and flexible mind that is good at problem solving
  14. Enthusiasm, energy and an innate desire to better oneself and to improve the work of those around. 
  15. Has a character value that is aligned with Gagasin core values (Speed, Delivered, Excellent). 

How to Apply

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