Vacancy at IOM – Consultant – Development of Interactive Hotline Platform for TIP, Jakarta



Reference No. : CFCV/ID10/2021/003

Position Title : Consultant – Development of Interactive Hotline Platform for TIP

Duty Station : Jakarta

Organization Unit : Counter Trafficking/Labour Migration

Duration of Contract : Consultancy Contract, two months (60 days)

Type of Appointment : Consultancy

Estimated Start Date : As soon as possible

Closing Date : 24 January 2021


  • Nature of the consultancy & IOM Project to which the Consultancy is contributing

Established in 1951, International Organization for Migration is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing service and advice to governments and migrants.


IOM is implementing a project “Better Data and Coordinated Response Against Trafficking in Persons in Indonesia (Phase 2)”, funded by Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office of the United Kingdom, which aims to contributes to the eradication of all forms of modern slavery and trafficking in person through evidence-based policy and coordinated protection of victim of trafficking (VoTs) by Government and Civil Society Organization. Under this project, IOM will initiate the development of interactive hotline on TIP that could be accessed by victim of trafficking, their family and society directly. This interactive hotline platform will serve as online communications channel to provide updated and accurate information to the community on risks of TIP, how to detect and refer potential TIP incidents, as well as to record the potential TIP case and referred to the available TIP hotline services in Indonesia and destination countries. In addition, the platform also will be equipped with risk assessment tools consist of set of questions to assess their own or nearby individuals’ TIP risk-level and recommendation to access service providers. If the result of the assessment indicated that the person is in at high-risk situation, they would be encouraged to immediately contact the available service providers. If the risk is rather low, the individual/community would be guided to existing Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials that could increase their awareness further on TIP as to stay vigilant and aware of the associated risks.  This tool is meant to increase victim identification and access to services which may have been impeded due to the pandemic.


  • Task to be performed under this contract 

The consultant will be responsible to conduct the following assignment:

Develop one interactive hotline that consist of:

  • Risk assessment tools
  • Information on the available services for victim of trafficking
  • Information on safe migration tool kits
  • Link the application to the existing services managed by Government and Non-Government such as Safe travel apps, TIP Hotline Number managed by Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, etc.


  • Tangible and measure output of the work assignment 

The consultant will be responsible to develop interactive hotline in close coordination with IOM Indonesia and the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection. The deliverable of the assignments will be:

  1. First two weeks from the assignment: concept and design of the interactive hotline
  2. Four weeks from the assignment: mockup on interactive hotline
  3. Six weeks from the assignment: dry run of the interactive hotline
  4. Eight weeks from the assignment: Final product of the interactive hotlines


  • Realistic delivery dates and details as to how the work must be delivered

The total duration for this assignment is proposed 2 months (60 days).


  • Performance indicators for evaluation of results (value of services rendered in relation to their cost)

The quality targeted and detailed of the work performed as established in above as well as compliance with agreed delivery dates.


  • Remuneration and Terms of Payment

The Consultant will receive an all-inclusive consultancy fee will be paid to the bank account indicated by the Consultant in the following instalments:

  • The first instalment in the amount of 20% of the consultancy fee shall be paid upon signing off the contract and discussion with IOM team.
  • The second instalment in the amount of 30% of the consultancy fee shall be paid upon submitting the outline and concept of training materials and the information kits prior to IOM approval.
  • The third instalment in the amount of 20% of the service fee shall be paid upon presentation of the mockup of interactive hotline to IOM and ATTF.
  • The fourth instalment in the amount of 30% of the service fee shall be paid upon submission of final product, license and all related material of the production to IOM.


  • Reporting Lines (Type of supervision that will be provided)

The Consultant will work under the direct supervision of the IOM Indonesia’s National Program Officers for CT/LM Unit. As work progress, the Consultant will share expected delivery results with the NPO for review. The IOM NPO will ensure to provide timely comments to the consultant’s work and address any Consultant’s request (i.e. additional information, government contacts, etc.).


IOM Indonesia will assist the Consultant in:

  • Sharing any existing IOM materials relevant to the subject matter.
  • Facilitate the working group meeting with Government and Non-Government counterpart


  • Consultant’s Workplace

 The Consultant is expected to be based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


  • Required Documents

The consultant will need to submit technical and financial proposal in ENGLISH.

Each Submission Must Include the Following:

  1. Consultant Profile: A brief summary of the consultant’ expert, including records on past experience in similar assignments and name of the references.
  2. Technical Proposal with detailed process, proposed training manual outlines, sample and useful techniques used in training session, workplan covering phases and processes of task development. Had experiences particularly in trafficking in persons and safe migration training development is advantages.
  3. Sample of previous work (including training and manual development)
  4. Financial Proposal listing all costs associated with the assignment. In particular, the financial proposal should itemize the following:
    • Consultancy fees in local or USD currency per day;
    • Variable costs inclusive of design and consultant’s team (if applicable); meeting/FGDs/KIIs costs.


  • Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/experiences required:

The proposed consultant(s) should have following competence.

  1. Experience in producing high quality of online platform and or IT production.
  2. Managing full integration of C4D methodologies into the content development process.
  3. Ensure maximum broadcast pickup and viewer engagement.
  4. Experiences in trafficking in person issues and or labor migration will be advantages.



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