Coral Reef Restoration Task Force Coordinator

About Coral Triangle Center

Coral Triangle Center (CTC) is a foundation based in Bali with a regional scope and global impact. CTC works closely with local communities, the private sector, governments, and partners to strengthen marine resource management in the Coral Triangle to protect coral reef ecosystems, ensure sustainable livelihoods and food security. CTC supports on-the-ground conservation in Nusa Penida in Bali, Banda Islands in Maluku, and Atauro in Timor-Leste. 

Coral Triangle Center (CTC) is developing its Center for Marine Conservation in Bali, an integrated learning space for training programs, outreach activities, and artistic and cultural performances to influence millions of people to care for our oceans and those that depend on it. CTC leads regional learning networks of women leaders, local government executives, and marine protected area practitioners in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste. CTC is also a certified training center of Indonesia’s Government – Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and an official partner of the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries, and Food Security.

Coral Triangle Center (CTC) and Mars Inc. are creating a task force to support coral reef restoration in Indonesia. This body will provide restoration practitioners with advice and support regarding the planning, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and quality control of restoration projects using the Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System (MARRS). A Task Force Coordinator is sought according to the terms of reference and qualifications outlined below.

Essential Functions

The Task Force Coordinator will be responsible for the following: 

  • Coordinating with government agencies related to Indonesian National Parks, Marine Protected Areas, partners, collaborators and Indonesian scale-up.
  • Coordinating with regional leads and local management in each National Park and MPA location.
  • Acting as advisor for each organization between their representative, CTC and Mars for the reef restoration requirements in this region. 
  • Ensuring that each partner organization has received the appropriate training in the MARRS method; including full training, follow-up training, maintenance support and coral reef monitoring. 
  • Ensuring a strong line of communication with each partner organization as per the requirements outlined below.
  • Providing training and support in implementing monitoring protocols and SOPs.
  • Maintaining quality control in the MARRS method with every build and oversee quality installation.
  • Initiating the official recognition of the MARRS training program within the Indonesian Government within CTC’s training program.
  • Incorporating the ‘Track and Trace’ system for every build.
  • Effective reporting protocols on the impact of the MARRS method in the regional and national restoration program.
  • Regularly updating the shared OneDrive folder.
  • Identifying new partner organizations and potential task force representatives / practitioners within each organization that have a track record in training in the MARRS method.



  1. Education & Professional Qualifications: 
  • Educated to undergraduate level or above in marine science or similar field
  • Minimum of 3–5 years’ experience in relationship building, team leading and logistics
  • Certified SCUBA diver with at least 100 open-water dives

      2. Knowledge/Experience:

  • Knowledge of various reef restoration methods
  • Knowledge of local governmental procedures and local politics
  • Experience working with Governmental authorities 
  • Track record in individual / teams training

     3. Skills: 

  • Experience in leading teams and creating honest and open lines of communication
  • Data collection, reporting and analysis
  • Proactive and forward thinking
  • A strong team player with the ability to explain complex information to others
  • Highly organized with proven experience in report writing
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English 
  • Requires only moderate guidance and direction
  • Deliver all aspects of work to an excellent quality
  • Ability to work to clearly defined measures of success within required timeline


Reporting and Coordination Lines

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