Project Manager

Job Requirements

  1. Male/Female, 25-40 years old
  2. Having Bachelor or Master degree from all majors
  3. A minimum 5-year work experience in national or international NGO(s)
  4. Proficient in written and oral English skills
  5. Well-experienced to manage tight-deadline projects
  6. Experienced in designing and implementing technology and human behavior-based project
  7. Well experienced to manage UN, USAID, DFAT projects as well as similar ones
  8. In addition, being a humanist is highly considered for this position.
  9. Well understanding of project finance management
  10. Able to formulate risk probability as well as to design its mitigation
  11. Achievement-oriented, supported with good leadership and teamwork skills
  12. Proper coping strategy in stress management.

Job Description

Communication with donors

  • Conduct regular updates regarding the progress and constraints to donors.
  • Communicate regarding changes that have occurred in both programs and budgets.
  • Respond to all questions related to the administration and substance of the projects.
  • Be the liaison between PeaceGen and donors.
  • Find solutions to technical and administrative problems.
  • Ensure strong relations between PeaceGen and donors

Coordination of all programs

  • Ensure that all programs are coordinated and run according to PeaceGen and donor regulations.
  • Ensure that all programs run according to the plan and time prepared.

Internal coordination

  • Ensure that information is circulated to the internal team.
  • Monitor the implementation of regular meetings.

Budget monitoring

  • Check the budget with the finance team to ensure that the budget is issued in accordance with the project plan.
  • Ensure the invoice collection time is in accordance with milestones and or project progress.
  • Find alternative solutions in case of problems with the program team related to financial administration.


  • Ensure that the substance of the reporting is in accordance with field conditions.
  • Ensure that the report is written in a positive tone so that it does not cause excessive concern.
  • Ensure that the report is submitted on time.

Quality and substance control

  • Ensure that the project is on track, according to the contract and planning.
  • Ensure that the project has a good quality process and results (accountable, coordinated, appropriate substance).
  • Ensure that the execution time is in accordance with the contract and planning. If there is a change, the best alternative shall be found.

Legal & Adm

  • Ensure that the scope of work and budget are in accordance with the contract.
  • Approve works that require authorization.
  • Ensure project administration before it is distributed to outside parties (donors/partners).

Writing a funding proposal

  • Help write program proposals for donors.
  • Coordinate tasks with the individuals involved.
  • Report writing progress to the director.
  • Prepare all administrative requirements.

How to Apply

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