Under the supervision of Policy Director, The Project Lead will lead the team, manage and oversee all activities under food policy project and to ensure all expected objectives are achieved in a timely manner.



1. Project management

• Work with Policy Director on the project direction, objectives, budget and workplans
• Manage Food Policy projects on day-today basis to ensure timeliness of project plan and milestones
• Work with Communications Dept and F&A Dept on ensuring program activities on procedure compliance
• Work with KM Dept to facilitate internal and external knowledge management and learning
• Project work plans and budget are approved
• Project is managed properly
• Regular team meetings, monitoring and coaching within the team and interdepartment as needed
• Project implementation is according to the plans and budget
• Quality project management
• Objectives achievement

2. Food Policy Research

• Work with R&D Department in conducting desk research and surveys on SSB tax
• Supervise and coordinate monitoring and evaluation activities of the project
• Write progress reports to partners and donors
• Produce policy paper based on the evidence, data and research
• High quality of periodic M&E reports
• Knowledge products are available, according to agreed standards and stored according to KM procedures
• Reports and papers are timely and according to agreed standards

3. Advocacy and Partnership
• With the Communications Department in conducting online and offline innovative public campaigns on SSB tax
• Establish and manage relationship with stakeholders, partnership, resource mobilization and advocacy efforts
• Build coalition on SSB tax with relevant industries and organizations
• Advocacy is done as CISDI’s standards and procedures
• Reports of effectiveness of research and advocacy activities
• High reach and engagement of wider audience Established coalition
• Wide engagement with multiple stakeholders

4. Staff Management

• Coordinate team members and work with partners in producing and implementing project plans throughout the preparation, implementation, and reporting/evaluation phases
• Act as role model for team members on compliance to CISDI’s code of conduct
• Team’s and individual’s objectives are clear
• Regular review and coaching as scheduled
• Team’s issues and problems are addressed/reported properly
• Performance Reviews are done as planned and according to procedures
• Regular team/individual meetings for coordination and coaching
• Problem solving of team’s issues
• Mid year and annual Performance Review as scheduled by HR

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