Photographer/s in Indonesia (Request for Quotation)

Abt Associates through Investing in Women (IW) is seeking to engage experienced Photographer/s in Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam to document IW’s and its partners’ various activities and involvement with the Program through photos. If you or your organisation chooses to submit a “Quotation”, the Quotation must be submitted in accordance with the terms set out in this document and the attached Annexes (together referred to as the “Request for Quotation” or “RFQ”).

The RFQ consists of three parts: I. Scope of Work; II. Selection Criteria; and III Submission Requirements; and one Annex – Submission Forms.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The RFQ submission will close at 5:00 pm Philippine Standard Time (PhST), 31 January 2021, Sunday. Kindly review the full Request for Quotation document (link) and submit the requirements on or before the deadline.)


1      Background

IW, an initiative of the Australian Government implemented by Abt Associates, catalyses inclusive economic growth through women’s economic empowerment in South East Asia. IW uses innovative approaches to improve women’s economic participation as employees and as entrepreneurs and to influence the enabling environment to promote women’s economic empowerment in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar (“IW Target Countries”) through:

  •  Workplace Gender Equality (WGE) – We support Business Coalitions who work with influential businesses on shifting workplace cultures, practices and policy barriers to achieve WGE;
  • Impact Investment for Women’s SMEs – We partner with Impact Investors and ecosystem builders to expand market opportunities for women, with a view to incentivising and catalysing access to capital for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) led by and responsive to the needs of women; and
  • Influencing Gender Norms – We work with partners to positively shift attitudes and practices to support women in the world of work.

In collaboration with corporations and business leaders, impact investors, entrepreneurs and advocates, we are working with those who are driving change for women’s economic equality in our region.


2      Overview

IW maintains a photo library (“IW Photo Library“) containing photos documenting the key activities, events and achievements of Investing in Women (IW) and its partners. This photo library is for use in IW’s reports, collaterals, websites, social media accounts and other offline and digital channels and for use by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and IW’s partner organisations in their reporting and communication initiatives.


3      Objective

IW aims to expand the IW Photo Library with a more diverse collection of images portraying women in a variety of economic roles and in various industries to support IW documentation and reporting needs.

In line with this, IW is seeking to engage experienced Photographer/s in each of the IW Target Countries to document IW and its partners’ various activities and involvement with the Program through photos. Where applicable, the photographs should tell a story that depicts the role of IW/its partners and highlights the impact of the campaign or activity in terms of its contributions to IW’s areas of work (i.e. building capacities and facilitating innovation, enhancing resilience and promoting good governance).


4      Scope of Work

4.1   With direction and advice from IW, the Photographer will be assigned to projects, as follows:

A.   Staged workplace and action photoshoots

The Photographer will work with the the relevant point of contact appointed by IW in developing and maintaining a workplan, which outlines the project name, target date, partner information, photoshoot location, basic list of shots, and details of the preferred shots that the Photographer will need to capture in the workplace or field setting with the partners. Photographs will be taken on the agreed date. More detailed information on each of IW’s Pathways and our partners and key contacts will be provided upon engagement.

B.   Ad hoc photo and/or video coverages

The Photographer will work with the relevant point of contact appointed by IW to provide photography and videography coverage for events, meetings and other important activities across IW and its local partners, including other photo documentation needs as directed by IW. These projects will be assigned to an available Photographer on a per need basis, depending on the finalised schedule of activities of IW or its partner for the identified events.


4.2   For services based on an agreed workplan (refer to 4.1.A), the Photographer/s will attend regular coordination meetings with IW and/or IW partners to align priorities, update photoshoot assignments and arrange bookings. IW will provide the Photographer necessary briefs and editorial guidance on the deliverables required per project and on the stories behind the photos so that the Photographer can take photos and generate captions to embed in the photographs and provide photography credentials and clearances, as needed.


4.3   The Photographer is required to produce a Project Submission Package of photographs taken per assigned project to illustrate the various activities undertaken by IW and its partners. The package will include a selection of high-resolution photos of the key moments—at least 20 enhanced photos—as well as all of the raw photos taken during the project. Photos must be optimised images (in JPG format), for online transmission if necessary. Image files should be sent via a cloud storage folder to be designated and provided by IW.


4.4   It will be important to capture a variety of shot types, i.e. establishing shots, extreme close-ups, close-ups, mid shot, long shot, staged shots and action shots.


4.5   Each image from the optimised edit as well as the full take must include in the IPTC metadata, which can be embedded within the photo using image editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom:

  • The name of the event, the date, the venue, and the city/country;
  • If possible and relevant, names and titles should be included as well; and
  • The full name of the photographer for photo credit;


4.6   A brief descriptive caption must be included in the Project Submission Package. A spreadsheet metadata template will be provided to fill in necessary information.


4.7   The Photographer must abide by the Abt Associates’ Safeguarding Code of Conduct, DFAT Guidelines on ethical photography, IW Branding Style Guide and Digital Playbook Guidelines.


5      Rights to ownership of the photographs taken

The title to all intellectual property rights of all the images taken and prepared by the Photographer under this contract vest upon their creation in Abt Associates and its Client (DFAT). The Photographer shall not transfer photographs – digital or printed to anyone outside IW, whether free of charge or at cost. The photographs remain the property of IW in perpetuity (ie., even after the completion of the contract).


6      Duration of engagement

Abt Associates will engage the Photographer for a period from 22 March 2021 to 31 March 2023. The contract will specify agreed activities according to IW’s Workplan and will include an option for IW to assign separate tasks based on the Photographer’s acceptance. IW will determine the exact travel dates for the field visits and assignments in consultation with our partners, to be indicated and updated in IW’s Workplan. The contract duration is renewable but subject to IW’s budget, demand for documentation and the Photographer’s performance.

4      Location of shoot

The documentation work will primarily be in major cities of the four IW target countries, but there may be a need to travel to nearby cities or specific city for special partner activities or events: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City



8      Qualifications and experience

  • Demonstrated expertise in photography with at least 5 years of relevant working experience in professional photography in similar field, with a portfolio or body of work showing delivery of similar services as stated above, preferably for clients that have comparable areas of work or technical domain and target audience as IW (i.e. business leaders, media influencers, technical advisors, C-suite) and operated within IW’s Target Countries.
  • Outstanding photo editing skills
  • Ability to communicate in English (at least basic to intermediate)
  • High level of creativity and initiative.
  • Awareness of and experience working under diplomatic protocols, especially in documenting activities, and experience with DFAT/Australian Embassy is a plus.
  • Visual storytelling skills, an advantage.

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